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A Map of the Finding Stuff pages

Updated August 12 2007
Finding Stuff [1]
Google, HotBot, Meta-Crawler, Yahoo! Email Search
Finding Stuff [2]
Yahoo! and variants
Finding Stuff [3]
More Search Tools
Finding Stuff [4]
NewsOne, Excite
Finding News on the Web
News search, News Online
Web Stuff for Web's Sake
Web Information
Web Gadgets
Web-based gadgets
Web Reference
Reference sites
Specialized Tools
Specialized search tools
What's New on the Web
Sources, Newbie stuff
Weather on the Web
Online weather information
Travel on the Web
Online travel information
Maps on the Web
Online maps
Web Cams
Selected web cams in Canada, links to web cam indexes
Finding Bank Machines on the Web
Online search for locations
Health Information on the Web
Medical information online
Finding People on the Web
Email, addresses, phone numbers
Finding Lost Stuff
Money, identity theft, people
Languages on the Web
translation and world language dictionaries
Literature on the web
books & stuff
Trouver des choses sur le Web
French search page
Genealogical Resources
Finding your roots
Finding Canadian Stuff
Canadian stuff on the web
Canadian Legislature
Canadian politics & politicians
Web Stuff for Kids
the kid-friendly web
Google Calculator - unit conversions, etc.
Finding Images
searching for photos and images on the web
Research sources
scholarly resources & online journals
Finding Stuff - The Help Page
hints and tips
Scammers and Spammers
trying to stay safe on the web
Searching Green Spaces
finding stuff here
Wikipedia Toolkit
tools for Wikipedia
Searching Social Networking Sites
Finding stuff in the blogosphere
Finding help on the Web
"How to" sites
What's Not on the Web
information not available on the web
Animation created by Lisa Konrad of Animation Arthouse
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