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The Rock

Here you will see

  • stunted trees shaped by the winds - "tuckamores"
  • tundra - landscapes like that of the far North
  • salt meadows
  • fjords - long arms of the seas rounded out by the action of glaciers
  • a fjord cut off from the sea - now a "pond"
  • waves beating against rocky shorelines
  • the final remnant of the Appalachian mountains
  • sandy beaches


The spectacular geology of this area has its origins in the movements and collisions of continents. In places, rock from the earth's mantle, the layer below the core has pushed through to the surface. While the western part of the island often resembles typical Canadian shield county, eastern Newfoundland shares geological roots with western Africa.

Because it is separated from the North American continent, you won't see

  • poison ivy
  • raccoons
  • porcupines
  • skunks
  • snakes
We saw iceberg
The squirrels are about the same size as a North American chipmunk.

Ferry Service to Newfoundland is provided by Marine Atlantic. Reservations are recommended. The shortest trip runs from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques and takes roughly five hours in summer.


Evergreens are: You can also find:

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