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Algonquin Park is 7600 square kilometres (3000 square miles) of forests and wetlands located in the transition zone between the evergreen forests of the north and the maple forests of southern Canada.

MORE about the Local Geography

Moose on the Loose!

Bull Moose
Source: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
On spring mornings in May and June, you have a very good chance of seeing moose along Highway 60 which cuts across the south of the Park. At any time of year, it is a good idea to drive cautiously in the park for your own protection as well as the moose's.

Other Animals

The Whiskey Jack

Common in the great north woods, this bird stays here year round. It survives by stashing seeds from pine cones for later use when food is scarce. Can be found all across Canada except the southern Prairies. This bird will eat just about anything given a chance! Apparently, the name "whiskey jack" originates from the Cree "whiskejonish".

More about the Whiskey Jack at "BC Adventure"

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